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We Could Not Do This Without You!

The Learners Lab would like to thank the following entities and individuals for their kind generosity and support. Those listed below have generously donated personal time, administrative, technical, staffing, financial, referral, equipment resources, and other needs in support of our efforts to deliver free software access to distance learning students and educators. While more is needed, we want to acknowledge all who have lent themselves to helping us launch this endeavor.

Thank you so much for your donations, contributions, training room sponsorships, and volunteer efforts. It is truly appreciated.

  • The Competence Group (TCG) pre/post start-up operations and strategic planning, program development, backup office operations, human resource, development planning and other research/statistical analysis, business, web hosting, operations, other technical services, and for technology strategic planning services,
  • Bryant Consulting (BC) for administration, governance, accounting, tax services, and other financial advisory, oversight, and consulting services,
  • Cybrary IT for becoming TLL's first VPL Partner, providing access to their online library of cyber security and technology video courses, study materials and testing tools,
  • Clark Enterprises, Inc. (CE) for technology strategic planning services,
  • Training & Development Resources (TDR) Strategic Advisor, executive coaching, customized learning & professional programmatic development
  • To all our volunteers.

No Time To Wait! 

We're searching! The Learners Lab requires a large footprint and doesn't have a permanent location yet, but we've begun our work by launching our Fiscal Sponsorship Program and building a library of free training materials that will be accessible through our VPL. Since nothing happens in isolation, we welcome Partners of all kinds to share in our work, or assist TLL as we aid others. 

ways you can help

Want to help, you can...:

  • Register as a Training Vendor-Partner, to make your training materials available through the The Learners Lab VPL. For more information, visit our Partnership Programs page to learn about criteria, annual ad-based registration fees and the discount advantages of early registration; or

  • Register as a Fiscal Sponsorship Mentor-Partner, to serve as Consulting Mentor to TLL's Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees. For more information, visit our Partnership Programs page to learn about responsibilities, service fees to mentees, as well as availability & time committment requirements; or

  • Refer a Deserving Program, Start-Up, or Speciality Group pursuing tax exempt status by sharing our Fiscal Sponsorship Program Application, eligible entities are as follows:
    • prospective tax exempts who have not yet filed for tax exempt status,
    • entities needing only grant/donation processing services,
    • young tax exempts in the early stages of their operations, and
    • tax exempts less than two years old who are still struggling 

      The application period has been extended for 2016. For more information, visit our Fiscal Sponsorship Program page to learn about eligibility, application fees and the application process;

  • Donate Your SharePoint Online Design & Development Services, for the launch of The Learners Lab's Virtual Private Lab/Library (VPL)

    TLL's VPL will serve several function, its the private portal for linking free training materials with the adult learners who need them, a host of private and shared materials for The Learners Lab members materials and companies hosting internal training aids, and a repository for proprietary materials TLL's will develop for its members, or by request for leadership coaching, vocational, citizenship, professional development & other types of continuing/adult education programs. An RFP is currently being drafted and will be published in the near future; or

  • Sponsor a TLL Training Room, Exam Proctoring Room, Self-Study Kiosk, Conference Room, or another space of your choice, and receive a Donor Honorarium Etching with your name placed within the space as a public and permanent Thank-You. For more information, visit our Donate Online page to review contribution levels and locations, and to connect with Giving Toolsto make your tax deductible donation online quick and easy; or

  • Volunteer, Donate Your TimeThe Learners Lab is a team of volunteers. Our biggest, most urgent need is with grant writing, and web/content management, both are volunteer-to-hire position and will transition to full time employee with 100% paid benefits when the role becomes fully funded. To learn about the application process, visit our News page.

For more on what's happening at The Learners Lab, come back to our News page periodically for the most current update.

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