• Our goal is "Training for Everyone"


Training is expensive to develop and even more so to deliver. And with training resources costly to obtain and maintain, it has become less cost effective to offer, and consequently less available to the workforce just when US employers need it the most.

The Learners Lab (TLL) is going to change that by acquiring technology and business equipment, and centralizing its access for training so that its open and available to anyone, at any time.  

In addition to the 24/7 virtual computer lab TLL will operate, there are a number of provisions and support services planned such as: 

  • broad range of proprietary self-study and specialized training resources
  • Work Learn to Work Better, will be an interactive newsletter-styled communications medium for job hunters & hiring manager, that includes hiring and job hunter insights and discussions, posting about hiring events hosted at the TLL MSTC and time sensitive other info
  • coursework, assessment, and LMS product development services
  • early morning/late evening hours of operation, including weekends and many holidays to accommodate varied schedules
  • leadership coaching, strategic planning, and facilitation support for tax exempt managers
  • heavy equipment and vocational education training
  • TLL's VPL which will deliver access to current software for training, and links to emerging technologies,
  • TLL-only access to deeply discounted specialized, certified training program thru special relationships with Board-Approved Training Vendor-Partners(BA/TVP)
  • a host of other proprietary special services being developed
Other Ways We Plan To Help

TLL's mission is to eliminate obstacles to training, whether its materials, technology, equipment or a place to deliver. Don't see your need listed here, let us know. We're here to help you, and we'll work to make it happen! 

The Learners Lab members will benefit from insightful and pacesetting work that will level the playing field of those who aspire to continue their education and/or professional development efforts. There are a number of very worthwhile endeavors that are also in development or in the planning stage. 
Some of those endeavors will include:

  • Apprenticeship Programs, we're bringing them back to the business environment
  • Networking Lab, where we plan to use our own NOC/Data Center as an ongoing training facility to those interested in the network engineering and cyber/forensics security fields; we've already partnered with Cybrary IT to deliver their cyber security training materials to our patrons and members.
  • The Hiring Lounge, open area for informal hiring events, on-the-spot interviews, hiring manager-job hunter networking
  • Education Program Development, to include Job Training Programs, Career Progression Programs, Succession Planning and Mentorship Training Programs, Field Specific Continuing Education Program Development
  • Executive Coaching, and other leadership/management training

Need something and don't see here? Got an idea or training program and need help to make it reality? We're only a call or click away! Let us know, so we can help make it happen! 

Thank you.
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Training for Everyone. Let's Make it Happen!