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This page is under construction, once completed, you'll be able to register to rent the training space that meets your needs. In the meantime, some general information on what the TLL training center's operations and capacity will be is provided below. 

TLL Training Center, A Capacity Plan For Success 

The Learners Lab strives to be the adult learners first and only classroom for rent training solution that is open and accessible to individuals, as well as employers, even other training organizations. We've been approved by Tech Soup which will help us to provide Microsoft and other business applications and new technologies as they hit the market. 

Classroom support will be to provide secure, traditional classrooms hosting Windows, Mac, Linux and other Mainframe operating system software, business applications, and include laptops, podiums, white board and other audio/visual resources so that in person, on-site group and individual job training can be delivered. Virtual/online patrons will have software access thru the VPL. 

As many employers, particularly tax exempt organizations, are moving from paid services to customized training or proprietary professional development programs, searching for a capacity-appropriate locations can be problematic, so can development of these tools. 

With The Learners Lab's help, businesses can host their confidential materials with us and develop them as well with our help. Then conducting internal training can occur more cost effectively, with significantly greater ease, in a timely manner and at your firms discretion. You can work confidentially at our facility or virtually from your own, with the assurance that its deliver is secure and controlled, is technological sound. And when you're ready, you remove or update at no additional cost. And remember, all the members of your team can access your training resources thru your firms dedicated link on our SharePoint VPL. 

Ideally, TLL will serve a great many adult learners at the TLL Complex once built, and greater numbers though the VPL before had once its constructed and lunched. Our training rooms, exam and self-study booth capacity is currently planned as follows:

  • Number of training rooms planned: 30
    • 30 seat rooms - 10 (5 all day, 5 half day)
    • 20 seat rooms - 10 (5 all day, 5 half day)
    • 10 seat rooms - 10 (5 all day, 5 half day)

  • Number of exam rooms planned: 8
    • 8 seat rooms - 4 all day
    • 8 seat rooms - 4 half days

  • Number of self-study booths/kiosks planned: 20
    • Single seat room - 10 available all day
    • Single seat room - 10 available for half days

  • Number of conference rooms planned: 20
    • Small 3-6 person conference rooms: 15
    • Large 7-15 person conference rooms: 5
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