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Partners are Priceless! 

And The Learners Lab is eternally grateful to the Partners who already helping us work to eliminate barriers to skill, vocational and career training, whether its cost, access materials, technology, a place to deliver it or something as simple as time. But more is needed and we hope you'll be inspired to join us as a Partner and contribute your time or experience. 

What Types of Partnerships Are There?

The Learners Lab's Partnership fall under several categories: Training Vendor (VPL), Fiscal Sponsorship Mentor Partners, Capital Campaign Partners, and Corporate Partners:

  • Training Vendor (VPL) Partner: These Partners make training materials available through the The Learners Lab VPL, which is currently in the planning stage. 

    We are currently finalizing an RFP for SharePoint Online services to create TLL's Virtual Private Library/Lab (VPL) with integrated lauch page for the website which will be published in short order. By design, TLL's VPL  will serve several functions, but primarily it will:
    • serve as the private portal for linking free training materials donated by training and continuing education vendors for access by the TLL VPL subscription account holders (TLL members, students, transitioning military, literacy & other specialty groups needing broad training assistance to land a job or further their career),
    • host of private and shared materials for TLL members, as well as patron companies needing to host their internal training materials on our servers for deployment on and off-site to their staff, and
    • be a repository of proprietary materials TLL's will develop for its members and by request for leadership coaching, vocational, citizenship, professional development, skill enhancement, & other types of continuing/adult education programs.

    For more information Training Vendor-Partner, come back to ourPartnership Programs page to download the Training Vendor Partner Registration Form which is being finalized. It will contain the most current information on about criteria, annual ad-based registration fees and the discount advantages of post VPL early registration.

  • Fiscal Sponsorship Mentor-Partner: These Partners serve as Consulting Mentors to TLL's Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees. During the application review stage, TLL reaches out to engage Mentors about helping our craft our applicants sponsorship program. Because the programs are tailored to the needs of each awardee, we cannot say exactly what that mentor's technical assistance or time committment would look like. We would like to anticipate a minimum of 10 hours per week based upon the sponsorship category and its need. 

    There is no registration fee to become a Mentor-Partner, instead we ask that Mentors complete a registration form and indicate planned time and range of professional services they plan to donate. Where donation of services is not possible, discounted rates for those services must be extended to TLL's awardees as they are start-up and young entities we are helping to move forward, not a client-based source of revenue. This is a condition of participation as a Mentor.

    For more information, feel free to download TLL's Fiscal Sponsorship Mentor-Partner Registration Form from here. It will always contain the most current information on about responsibilities, service fees to mentees and availability/committment time requirements for mentors.

  • Corporate Partnerships. A key goal in TLL's success will come thru partnering with organizations to establish the TLL Math, Science and Technology Center (TLL/MSTC). The purpose and vision for this effort is partner with corporate science and math innovators and house an extension of their operations at our TLL/MSTC Site and to further inspire the development of math and science programs that communicate a broad spectrum of educational, vocational, career and other Opportunities, but do so all within one facility. 

    In addition to Naming Rights on each corporate occupants’ side of the building, TLL Corporate Partner will occupy its own wing of the what is planned to be a four or five-story building, with ongoing training that's an off-site extension of each company’s corporate training, development, and community engagement effort. 

    TLL/MSTC’s main floor is The Workforce Networking Hub, an area for visitors and occupants and hiring officials to connect. The Workforce Networking Hub will be comprised of lounges and small meeting areas (for on the spot interviews), host an interactive job board of real positions paid for by hiring companies, as well as an area for hosting "HIRING EVENT" (not recruiting job fairs). 

    Through the TLL/MSTC, we hope to show how math and science can lead to a variety of fun, well-paying, and engaging careers from science engineering, to environment management and even sports. Visit TLL’s web page regularly for more information as this program effort develops. We have already identified several entities we would like to partner with and have begun reaching out to gauge their interest. 

  • Capital Campaign Partnerships. We are hoping to secure several Capital Campaign Partnerships to enable purchase of property and construction of three (3) buildings that will comprise the initial TLL Complex. As a Premium Level Contribution, these relationships will be rewarded with naming rights for the complex, its main training center facility, the TLL NOC/Data Center, the TLL/MSTC, TLL's Shuttle Depot, its various parking lots, as well as road & walkways within the TLL property, and other on-site facilities in appreciation for making those undertakings possible. 

    Donations at this level have placement preference for their etching honorarium wherever possible. Every effort will be made to accommodate the preference which will include common area walkways, specialty rooms, exterior walkways, etc., with-in and external signage to each building in the TLL Complex. Honorarium placements for Premium Gift level contributions include:
    • $1m, Exam/Proctoring & Testing Room Naming Rights (8),
    • $2m+, Training Room/Conference Room Naming Rights (50), and
    • Major Gifts, Shared Building/Building Wing Naming Rights(multiple)

For all other financial contributions not listed here, donor etching will follow their respective donation level placement such as the center of walk and hall ways, ceiling level plaque on interior room space, etc. We will be drafting an RFP for Donor Etching services to find entities seasoned in providing this type of name recognition service, specifically in doing interior rooms, interior/exterior walls, exterior drive and walkways, and much more. 

For more information on any of our Partnership Programs, please revisit our Partnership Programs page regularly for updates, and feel free to reach out to us at 855 722 7788 or more directly by email to TLLPartner@TheLearnersLab.org so we may respond as quickly as is possible. 
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