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The Learners Lab is honored to welcome KNS Technologies of Herndon, VA as it first Premiew Partner. Premiew Partners help us in the delivery and management of key supports for our Awardees.

KNS is partnering with us to provide free/discounted web development services our Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees, and will task/coordinate the work of our pool of Supporting Partner. The TLL Volunteer Team and its Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees are truely grateful for their generosity.

KNS is currently finalizing a WordPress solution for our news wire service, InfoXchange which launches in the near future, and then will be developing our VPL infrastructure hosting links to training and software resources finalizing the covnersion of our main website, www.TheLearnersLab.org to WordPress.

We hope for InfoXchng.com's to go live by months end, and look forward to launching our VPL (virtual private library/lab) in the coming months, it will be subscription based.

InfoXchng.com is TLL's single-source, cost-friendly information repository for start-up tax exempts and other interested parties. Also a subscription resource, subscribers can post and/or download grant information, news, and information essential to their program, operations, or business in general.
An example of what InfoXchange will deliver include:
  • The 411 (News)
  • Fiscal Sponsorship
  • Grants Announcements
  • Barter & Ad Page
  • Jobs & Job Placement Programs
  • Master Business Directory
  • Partner-Up (Mentors & Partners)
  • Resumes Depot
  • Start-Up Hub Zone
Stay Tuned!

GOT A 411?
TLL is still accepting RFQs for our pool of "Go-To" Vendors helping support our Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees. The link is Request for Quote (RFQ), Development/Grant Writing Partnership Services.

We’re Hiring! TLL needs your help. We’re hiring for Web Management and Social Media Management Volunteers, the work is remote and part time flexible hours. Both roles will transition to permanent full time if desired. The web role must have WP & SP, the Social Media role will manage both our social media venues as well as our online newswire service, InfoXchange once its launched. Details provide during interview.

Interested? Send a one page cover letter with links to samples of your work to: Attn: Web or Social Media Management Volunteer at HRServices@TheLearnersLab.org.

Thank You!

Need a Fiscal Sponsorship? Know Someone Who Does? 

The Learners Lab launched its Fiscal Sponsorship Program last year with great success. We are very pleased to announce the application period for 2017 is open. TLL will continue to foster partnerships that meet a wide range of needs for US entities pursuing tax exempt status and to young exempt entities that still require a little help. 

To qualify, you should be at the pre or post start-up stage, or less than 2 year old based on the date of your determination letter. We are particularly focused on helping entities who have not yet filed or submitted their Form 1023 or 1024 application For Tax Exempt Status, or those who only require grant and contribution processing services. In the future we will be providing fully furnished shared office space, corporate identity, and technology resources for the duration of the program tenure for Awardees who need it. 

There is a nominal, non-refundable application fee to cover processing cost, a rolling, ongoing review and selection cycle, and an official registration process, form and fee to defray initial launch costs. 

An Awardees Fiscal Sponsorship Program will be unique to the entity, customized to each Awardees specific need, and may include the guidance of a Mentor-Partners when required. 

The duration shall be a little as 6 months, but no longer than 2-years / 24 months. Grant/Donation only programs, or "Model C" Fiscal Sponsorships can be 6-months, with no more than 3 consecutive 6-month extension or the entire 2-years/24 months as you await our the IRS processing time. 

For more information about the program visit our Fiscal Sponsorship page, and to apply, download the application from TLL 2017 Fiscal Sponsorship Program Application.

For information on becoming a TLL Mentor-Partner, visit our Partnership Programs page or feel free to reach out more quickly via email to TLLPartner@TheLearnersLab.org

We're Hiring Volunteers Again!

The Learners Lab is recruiting for a Web Services Volunteer. A Webmaster/Designer with at least (5) years experience as a webmaster, WordPress, SharePoint with some 508 compliance if really needed for the complexity of our product infrastructure. At least a Bachelors degree is required.

Portfolio should include links to samples demonstrating expertise in visual design, user flows, usability testing, UI mockups, functional wireframes and prototypes, coding semantic mark-up language (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). Experience working with charities, training centers, and virtual teams extremly helpful. Bi-or Multi-lingual even better.

This is part time, can be volunteer-to-hire, with a required minimum of 15 hours each week in order to support two (2) web sites, our main site www.TheLearnersLab.org and our soon-to-be-launched www.InfoXchng.com. To apply send portfolio ATTN: Web Servers Volunteer to HRServices@TheLearnersLab.org. Resumes accepted until filled, interviews are immediate.


In addition to the TLL Fiscal Sponsorship Program, we're aggressively working to secure a location for the TLL Complex, desiging our SharePoint for the Virtual Private Library/Lab (VPL), and developing additional training aids our members and customers will access from it. We are also searching for two donated locations as interim sites for the early launch of two key TLL programs, our AWE Program (Auto-Mechanics, Welding & Engineering) and Logan's Closet, a business clothes give-a-way. 

The diagram below provides nice visual of how we envision our facilities will look and operate.

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