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Welcome to The Learners Lab, a charitable workforce training and fiscal sponsorship resource center. Our goal is "Training for Everyone" so we're working to remove the barriers that keep training opportunities out of reach or impossible to afford. Whether individual, employer, or group, we're poised to be your go-to repository for training space and technologies by securing and making them accessible to you!

And if you're pursuing tax-exempt status, are less than two years old, or recently approved but your struggle seem never ending, we know that drill, we're right there with you. So we're stepping up to ease what burdens we can for you as a fiscal sponsor and establishing partnerships with vendors, OEMs and other entities to bring or connect you with products, services, and other resources that are essential for your operations, heavily discounted, even free. 

Thank you for considering us, we look forward to helping your organization. Please note however, The Learners Lab supports US entities operating "in the United States" and in the future, its territories. We are not chartered to engage services on behalf of international or foreign organizations at any level. Please consult the Fiscal Sponsors Directory, a search tool created and maintained by the San Francisco Study Center, to search for fiscal sponsorship programs that could meet your needs. 
Our Plans Include...

  • Open, low cost room rentals services hosting current tools and technologies
  • Hosting a 24/7 Virtual Computer Library/Lab (VPL) deploying software, self-paced training courses and other resources accessible online, to train or enhance skills in a variety of careers not just the IT field
  • Complimentary one-year memberships accessing all TLL training resources for qualifying individuals, small staffed/modestly funded tax exempts, and specialty groups & other programs, special discounts for veterans and active duty service members transitioning back to the work force
  • Training room, exam proctoring rooms, self-study kiosk, and private study group rental spaces
  • And Coming Soon...InfoXchange...A One-Stop Information Repository for posting Grants, RFPs, Networking Events, Business News & Other Announcements, Vacancies & Resumes, Press Releases and more. InfoXchange will feature Hub Zone listings to give Start-Ups & TLL Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees exposure, thank Mentors & Partners, and create what we're calling a Master Business Directory. InfoXchange will be modestly priced for individuals and organizations wishing to post resources, and accessible as instant, one-time access, and by subscription. So, stay tuned, InfoXchng.com will be launching very very soon!

What We're Doing Now!

  • Help starts with creating jobs, that means employers. Businesses have incubators, works zone hubs, micro loans and other programs, tax exempts rely on fiscal sponsors. So we've opened for business by launching our Fiscal Sponsorship Program to help other tax exempt start-ups overcome common hurdles and roadblocks, something we know intimately since we're a start-up ourselves. Click the icon above to learn more, visit Fiscal Sponsorship to apply. The application period is opened. Apply Today!
  • We're working to register training companies as VPL Partners to provide TLL customers and members with access to their repository of training materials thru TLL's secure Virtual Private Library/Lab, check out Ways You Can Help to learn more
  • We're well into developing proprietary self-study training materials, assessment tools to compliment our VPL Partner offerings, as well as a Document Library of useful business templates for the workplace, and we hope to partner with technology vendors to provide software access, resources available only through the TLL's secure Virtual Computer Library/Lab (VPL)
  • We've begun the design for our SharePoint VPL and TLL's website Landing Page as its access point
  • We're finalizing business process mapping and infrastructure design for our VPL which will host self-paced training materials, serve as a virtual computer lab providing access to software for customers and members to train with, host the proprietary materials using our facilities to deliver training tho their staff, as well as the custom-designed products we develop for customers
  • We're recruiting businesses to serve as Mentor-Partners and Supporting Partners to help budding, start-up and young tax exempts get up to speed in their work, visit Ways You Can Help to learn more
  • We've launched a unique "donor recognition program" where the names of individual and corporate donors will be etched in, throughout, and leading to the training & exam rooms, kiosks and group private study room, hall, wall & walk ways, lounges and other rooms at each of the buildings throughout the TLL Complex once its built as a permanent "Thank You" for helping make TLL and its work possible.
  • We're working to partner with several high profile business entities to serve as TLL Corporate Partners to establish the TLL Math, Science and Technology Center (TLL/MSTC). The goal of MSTC is to establish workforce training partnerships with science, math and technology innovators by making them accessible within one facility to demonstrate viable educational, vocational, or career options in those fiels. By connecting the dots from what's learned in school to its use in a real workplace, and fostering real-time hiring connections between job hunters and the companies that need them, we are hoping to encourage career path for job hunters and establish a ready, willing pool of future employees for the Employer.

    Here's a snapshot of the vision.

For more information, visit our Special Programs page to learn about these and other planned endeavors and visit our Partnership Programs page for information on all the partnering opportunities we currently offer.

Thanks in advance for your time. We look forward to delivering training services and other special programs in the future.

The Learners Lab (TLL)
A Charitable Workforce Training and Fiscal Sponsorship Resource Center

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Training for Everyone. Let's Make it Happen!