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On behalf of the colleagues, peers, veterans & other individuals new to & returning to the workforce, start-up tax exempt entities, and all our volunteers, The Learners Lab extends its sincerest thanks for considering a donation to our organization. As volunteers ourselves, your contribution is greatly appreciated and will go a long way help us to secure a permanent location, the launch of our operates, and securing the initial resources needed to establish TLL as a game changing entity in the delivery of career training and workforce education resources for the 21st century and beyond.

As a forward thinking charitable resource center, The Learners Lab, is working to improve how skill development training happens by modeling a better way to deliver it. This is critical if workers are expected to possess the raw skills employers demand so we are creating access to those resources in real time. 

While this will take time, planning, effort, changing technologies, and ongoing communication to pull off, it will always require partnerships and funding. Therefore with our efforts being unique, we want to honor those trusting us with their contributions in a uniquely permanent way to publicly demonstrate how much that support is appreciated. 

In that spirit, "Donor Etching Honorarium" will be our way of "always" saying "Thank You!


Donor Recognition 

In appreciation for financial and major gift contributions, "ALL" donor and corporate identities will have their name etched to become a permanent part of The Learners Lab Complex of buildings. Etching placements will follow the chart levels indicated below, and will serve as a permanent and public "Thank-You" in appreciation for you support, whether one-time, special project, or on-going. Honorarium levels and their placements are as follows: 

Gift | Etching Location 

Platinum Level Contributions
  • $100, kiosk/kiosk entry exterior
  • $350, small offices & group study exterior
  • $650, exam proctoring & testing exterior
  • $850, training room & classroom exterior
  • $1,250, walkway (center path of walkway)
  • $50,000, main building entry
Gold Level Contributions
  • $100k, Kiosk Naming Rights
  • $500k, Small Office/Study Group Naming Rights
Premium Gift Level Contributions
  • $1m, Exam/Proctoring & Testing Room Naming Rights
  • $2m+, Training Room/Conference Room Naming Rights
  • Major Gifts, Shared Building/Building Wing Naming Rights

Naming Rights

We are hoping to secure several Capital Campaign Partnerships to enable purchase of property and construction of three (3) buildings that will comprise the initial TLL Complex. Premium Level Contributions will be rewarded with naming rights for the complex & main headquarters facility (along-side TLL), as well as the complex road and walkways within theTLL property, and other areas in appreciation for making these undertakings possible. We are hoping to secure four (4) Corporate Partner who will house their operations at TLL's NOC/Data Center facility, TLL Math, Science and Technology Center (TLL/MSTC) and inspire math, science and technology careers in their areas of expertise. 

For more information on our these and all of TLL's Partnership Programs, visit our Partnership Programs page and feel free to reach out to our phone service at 855 722 7788 or more quickly via email to TLLPartner@TheLearnersLab.org.

Non-Monetary Donations

TLL is now accepting donations in the form of used books for our resource & lending library, and used gently used, upgradable laptop/notebooks & tablets (not more than five (5) years old). Career, business, vocation, and industry specific books will comprise the lending library to assist with literacy programs, and popular fiction and non-fiction titles will be accepted for literacy programs and book clubs. Sorry, no game disks, CD's or books/materials of questionable content will NOT be accepted, any received will be refused and returned.
All donations and contributions are tax deductible, financial contribution can be made directly by downloading TLL's Monetary Contribution Form from this donation link .

We anticipate locating our formal headquarters to be located in Prince George County, MD, just outside Washington DC. Meantime, please download our Non-Monetary Donation Form from TLL Donation Form books or other non monetary donation for shipping instructions and other information. For computers, laptops, and other hardware, use our our Non-Monetary IT Donation Form from TLL IT Donation PDF Form or Non-Monetary IT Donation Form from TLL IT Donation PDF XL Form in Excel.
Thank you but at this time we have limited storage capacity for accepting large volume of materials, largely sized or bulk hardware items as donations. For large items or large capacity donations, please fax your donation form listing the large/bulk items to 888 610 1731 so that we may assess storage capabilities. A member of the TLL team will contact you to follow-up.
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